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Finding Strength in Weakness

Updated: May 13

Description: With so many Christians doing wonderful things, it’s easy to feel daunted, as if we’re not proper disciples. Find your strength in weakness.


Throughout Christian history, there have been many towering figures whose stories have inspired awe and reverence. However, it’s reassuring to look a little deeper.


Moses stands as a testament to what it means to have a close relationship with God, but also to the transformative power of faith and trust. Though initially reluctant and doubtful of his own abilities, he was called by God to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. (For a fuller account, please see 'Related posts' at the foot of this blog, Is that God calling? – Bible ref: Exodus 3.1-15).

Imagine the trepidation he must have felt as he confronted Pharaoh, the powerful ruler of Egypt, with nothing but a staff in hand and faith in his heart. Yet, when Moses surrendered his doubts and placed his trust in God, miracles unfolded. Trusting the Lord became his default position and, through him, God parted the Red Sea, delivered the Ten Commandments, and guided the Israelites to the Promised Land.

To complement his trust, Moses had humility. Shortly before he died, he made one (more) heartfelt appeal to the people he had shepherded for decades. He reminded them of all that God (not he) had done for them. He was claiming nothing as his achievement, but exhorting them to be courageous and, above all, to trust the Lord.

Mustard seed

In Matthew 17:20, Jesus likened faith to a mustard seed, emphasising the seed’s small size but immense potential. Despite witnessing countless miracles, even his closest disciples struggled to grasp the depth of this truth. They faltered in their faith time and again.

One notable instance occurred when they failed to heal a boy suffering from seizures. Jesus rebuked their lack of faith, yet didn't discard them. Instead - despite many other occasions when they failed to grasp what Jesus was about; despite their lack of trust and cowardice; despite a million reasons why not - Jesus continued to teach and guide these unremarkable individuals, choosing them to take forward his life-saving gospel into the world.

Even so, the disciples' journey with Jesus continued to be fraught with fumbles and failures. Peter, the bold and impulsive fisherman, denied Jesus three times in his hour of need. James and his brother, John, were called sons of thunder because they were so hot-tempered. Matthew, was a tax collector – someone hated by his own people because he worked for the occupying Roman forces collecting their taxes (plus a lot more money for himself). Thomas, known for his doubting, demanded physical proof of Jesus' resurrection. Yet Jesus saw, in his chosen people, hearts willing to be transformed by faith. This underpins an indisputable reality and gives great reassurance: God often works through imperfect people to accomplish his extraordinary purposes.

Never doubt God’s power in us

Although we may sometimes feel inadequate, doubt our abilities, question our worthiness, and/or fear failure, we should never doubt God’s power in us. Just as God used Moses and the disciples, he can use each of us, flaws and all, to accomplish his purposes. Our weaknesses and meagre talents can become channels for his strength to shine through and achieve marvels.

We need not waste our energies on comparing ourselves unfavourably to - or being daunted by - the seemingly extraordinary feats of other Christians. God doesn't call us to be perfect against some imagined human standard. He calls us to be faithful, and delights in using the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary.

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that God's power is made perfect in our weakness. Our challenge is not to worry about doubts and insecurities, it is to trust in God’s ability to work through us and let our mustard seed of faith be nurtured and grow into something mighty.


On our journey as disciples, we should prayerfully allow God to work in and through us, not get hung up about our own abilities or accomplishments. God can take our doubts, fears, and weaknesses, and turn them into something beautiful.

Who knows where our journey might lead? With God by our side, the possibilities are limitless.


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