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About my Blog and me

My name is Bob T and I’m a church going Christian living in the South of England. I’ve found reading the Bible both rewarding and instructive, but sometimes it’s fascinating to look behind the curtain of the text itself. The Christian Insights 4 You Blog is just what it says. It’s non-denominational and definitely not stuffy. No one wants that!​It’s amazing how a little digging can disclose so much, even for well known stories. That's why I’ve found it really helpful to refer to a whole range of well respected information sources as well as participating in Bible study groups. ​Hopefully, you'll find the Christian Insights 4 You Blog interesting, encouraging and worthwhile.

What does the Christian Insights 4 You Blog offer?

The Christian Insights 4 You Blog takes regular looks behind well known scenes and stories - Bible characters, not biography. It's more about what these characters faced and how they responded to God. And, of course, it's about God himself in many contexts.

The Blog offers bite sized summaries of these insights, hopefully in an engaging way. However, this is a personal blog and, as such, reflects only my own thoughts on the topics covered, regardless of source.


Some material may be completely new to you. Some definitely has the power to surprise!

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Please note that Christian Insights 4 You Blog does not own, or make any claim to ownership, of the images used for illustrative purposes, some of which are used under licence.

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