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Is that God calling?

Updated: Feb 20

Description: When Moses was called, he became an expert on why someone else should do it, but God knew better. He never left Moses, and he won’t leave us.

It’s great to hear of people who get a nudge from God and feel absolutely confident that he wants them to do something. It may not be a big thing, but it could be. But what about the rest of us? What if we feel that nudge from God?

Bit Scary

It might be a bit scary, and we may doubt ourselves, thinking we imagined it or that God made a mistake. In such moments, we should recall the story of Moses, one of Israel's greatest leaders. He was God’s right hand in bringing down plagues on Egypt when Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites leave to worship. God himself gave him the law and commandments written on stone tablets - and these are just snippets from the man’s mighty CV.

Despite his impressive resume, Moses initially didn’t want anything to do with God's nudge. The task was far more than scary: he was to go back to the place where he had committed murder, confront the supreme ruler, and deliver a message to free the Israelites for a festival in the wilderness.

Excuses, but God knows what he wants

Moses excelled at coming up with excuses. He questioned his own worthiness and wondered how he would answer the Israelites' inquiries about God's name. Despite his reluctance, God knew precisely what he wanted and who he wanted to do it. Moses' doubts and excuses ultimately didn't matter because God assured him of continuous support. God was committed to the task he assigned to Moses, and he had Moses' back. (See Exodus 3 for a full account.)

Our assurance

The message here is clear: if God calls us to a task, he is with us, overcoming any opposition we may face. Consider what God achieved through Moses despite the challenges. Moses' journey wasn't smooth, but he stuck with it, and God stood by him throughout.

For those still doubtful, think of Peter, the disciple, who walked on water with Jesus during a storm. Despite his faltering, Jesus was there to grab him (Matthew 14:28-31). The key takeaway is that when God calls, he stands with us and helps us navigate the challenges ahead.


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