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Jesus, Judas and that last Passover meal

Updated: Feb 20

Description: Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him long before that final meal, yet let himself be captured. He chose to save us, not himself.

Jesus was aware of Judas' betrayal long before the final meal and willingly allowed himself to be captured. What's remarkable is Jesus' behaviour towards Judas during the Last Supper. Despite knowing about the betrayal, he almost encouraged Judas to go ahead with his plan.

Others were there

There were others present, and Jesus could have easily told the disciples about Judas' intentions. Yet, he chose to keep the secret. Had he chosen to divulge it, the other disciples would have been furious with Judas and undoubtedly taken retaliatory action themselves.

Jesus had another option. Instead of openly revealing Judas' betrayal, he could have avoided the Garden of Gethsemane where he and the disciples had been spending their nights. He could easily have gone elsewhere, but didn't take that route either. Instead, he prayed. Sadly for them, the other disciples were so exhausted, they fell asleep and missed the powerful intimacy of Jesus' final prayers as a free man.

Jesus' obedience

There are other actions Jesus could have taken, but what truly matters is what he actually did. He wholeheartedly accepted his Father's will, understanding that by sacrificing his earthly life, he would become the way, the truth, and the life for countless millions.


In the face of death, Jesus emerged victorious. Unlike sinners whose fate is death, Jesus, who never sinned, took on the sins of the entire world as he suffered and died on the cross. Having been obedient to his Father's plan, Jesus was resurrected, proving it by appearing to over 500 people in various situations over the next 40 days. Faith in Jesus and his resurrection allows us to share eternal life with and in him.


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