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God in the detail

Updated: Feb 20

Description: God is unchanging, and the Old Testament, with its detailed instructions, raises questions about relevance and specifics in our lives today.

Many parts of the Old Testament are full-on action and drama, but just possibly, some bits are a little less exhilarating.

Book of Exodus

Consider the Book of Exodus, where a significant portion discusses God's intricate requirements for his dwelling place in the desert, instructions for the priests' attire, and the exhaustive details about rituals. While these details were crucial for the Israelites freshly liberated from centuries of slavery in Egypt - and bolstered with the promise of a land flowing with milk and honey - how can any of it be remotely inspiring for us today? Let’s look deeper.

Why the detail?

Examining the why behind the details, particularly in Exodus, reveals God's interest in design and the transformation of instructions into reality. The question arises: why would the creator of the universe concern himself with the dimensions of curtains or the colour of threads to be sewn into the ephod?

The key point is that God's interest in details hasn't changed. If he cared about them then, he still cares about them, and wants his people to follow his instructions, in detail.

God in detail today

This translates to God caring about the intricacies of our individual lives today – every detail, every person, every day. He is concerned with both the grand aspects and the minutiae of our lives, providing a reassuring thought.

While building a tabernacle or even a simple tent may not be our calling, it’s difficult to claim zero knowledge of what God wants – and understanding his instructions is crucial. To avoid any doubts, Jesus not only made his Father's instructions explicit, he lived in accordance with them, setting a recognisable example for us to follow.

Being recognisable

Unlike the priests of ancient times whose clothing made them instantly recognisable, Jesus wasn’t told what to wear, yet he certainly stood out. Jesus used personal example - his character (not least his love, compassion and forgiveness) and powerful words - as clothes to make him recognisable.

What about us?

This prompts a consideration of how we, as followers of God, can be recognisable. Colossians 3:12&14 suggests clothing ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Additionally, 1 Timothy 6:11 encourages pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. The underlying message is clear – God cares about how we present ourselves, emphasising every detail and challenging us to do the same.


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